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her family. why take the train as opposed to drive? >> i don't have a car and it's easier and i know everyone driving is leaving later and it's cheaper and less carbon footprint. >> reporter: back to a live picture here in emeryville, amtrak is adding 700 seats on the capitol corridor route between san jose, oakland and sacramento. another 600 seats on the san joaquin valley line service. amtrak says this thanksgiving week is the busiest time of the year for it nationwide on its rails. allen, they are expecting another peak day on sunday as soon as this holiday season is over. no surprise there. but. >> no. >> be ready for it. >> all right. thanks, mark. >>> chief meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center. paul, you have some good news back east. the worst is over there? >> it's been a drenching rainfall lots of snowfall away from the atlantic ocean. but things are beginning to wind down. i know most folks have gotten from point a to point b but the rain is racing up the eastern seaboard. the actual low is off the carolina coastline. we see snow for rochester, new york down to
is over but you can still get in on the batkid action. >> i don't know about that dope part. check out phil matier. juliette not the only one with the shirt. police chief greg suhr's son designed these one of a kind batkid t-shirts. they're $20. all proceeds go to the make-a- wish foundation. we have posted the raw video of his adventures today and find information on how to donate to the make-a-wish foundation. go to and click the story. >>> a health advisory in the east bay after a flare-up at the sorrow refinery. a power outage at the in order crot that, a black plume of smoke and warning for people with breathing problems. contra costa county sent out a hazmat team to the tesoro refinery and the air quality management district responded. >> there was good mixing today so the smoke plume dissipated very quickly. we don't feel there is any concern for the public. >> the flare-up lasted for 20 to 30 minutes. air quality management district is investigating. >>> a san jose police officer was seriously hurt when his motorcycle collided with a car near north 4th and empire stree
the company for past problems like toxins leaking into the water and another fire back in 2007. but you don't need to be an air quality expert to know when something doesn't smell right. >> it is important not to have these things pass them. there is no execution for it in my opinion. >> simms sent me a statement that said in part, they have added more hydrant and are using more scrap piles. tonight, they are still looking for the cause. brew the january webb, kpix 5. >> that fire considered under control at about 8:30 last night, but the health advisory was not lifted until about 6:00 this morning. >>> the bay area is helping mobilize victims of a typhoon. authorities say at least millions of million in 41 provinces have been effected. so far the philippine military confirm 942 dead. because of limited access to communications and transportation, final death toll is still just days away. officials say it could be closer to 10,000. the storm weakened as it made landfall in northern vietnam. it was downgraded into a tropical storm as it made its way into southern china today. >> the typhoon
unions. they are attempting to dodge a generous family leave section they don't want to pay for. our da lin is live in oakland with how the tactic is going over with the unions. da. >> reporter: well, liz, after six months of negotiations and two strikes, there is still no contract. what's worse, those two unions are even more worked up and fired up after the vote that was given by the board today. instead of voting on the contract, the unions had ratified -- >> i will support it. >> reporter: the bart board of directors voted to accept a contract that leaves out the paid family leave provisions. >> this is a fair and equitable contract for our employees in my opinion. it's affordable and sustainable for our riders. >> reporter: the unions are furious calling it unfair labor practice because bart management previously signed off on the tentative agreement that includes six weeks of paid leave for union workers. bart management says it's a mistake. the provision never should have been in the contract. now that the bart board has voted to strip the paid family leave clause, it's up to th
to get to know who we don't know because a lot of times it's folks we don't know that are involved in some of these shootings. >> the cap tape tells me district 5 is made up of many small bange gangs. fights can start over turf war, drugs, or simple case respect. leaving the majority of law- abiding citizens feeling trapped d ar. >> i am too old to be running and dodging bullets. be safe out here, man. >> appreciate it. you, too. >> for officer vierra, it is not when but if the shootings will be solved and how to stop the next one from happening. >> reporter: the suspects from last night's shooting are still on the loose. ifyou know anything, call police . i am brian webb kpix 5. >> police believe many of last night's victims were unintended targets. >>> a bay area family has waited two decades for justice. tonight, they have a taste. in 1990, a man found dead tonight side of the road. turn out, two people arrested knew the victim quite well. >> the 40-year-old was stabbed to death and his body left on redwood road. investigators say they immediately looks at his ex- wife who was s
on a possible motive. allen, they don't think the two young men knew each other. >> and tell me more about this video. i'm sure it's pretty graphic but the video from the bus? >> reporter: right. there is video from the bus of the entire incident. i asked about it several times today. police haven't released it yet. they may edit it down but say the full version is too disturbing to show the public. >> i'm sure it is. brian, thanks so much. >>> it took just two hours this morning for the $800 million graton resort and casino to hit its maximum capacity. chopper 5 takes us live over the casino parking lot where cars have filled nearly every space in the lot. there have been major traffic delays and several road closures in the area throughout the day. the highly anticipated casino opened at 9 althoughk this morning just west of 101 in sonoma county. that's an hour earlier than planned. our mike sugerman is outside with a look into how crazy it's been all day. >> reporter: 3200 square feet in the graton resort, every inch of it packed with people today. you couldn't get through major traffic
don't believe he crossed the border at this time. >> police say guler may have taken the bay baby because of a occurring argument with the baby's mother about wanting to move to new york. >>> help wasn't on the way for a missing hospital patient. turns out the search for the woman was botched from the beginning. basic information was wrong. basic search techniques were not followed. >> the woman's body was found later in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on a major embarrassment for the hospital and the sheriff's department. ryan. >> reporter: allen and liz, there were a lot of mistakes along the way. one was the search. there was a nine-day delay after lynne spalding went missing and it was a very thorough search at that. and hospital staff misidentified lynne spalding twice. we're talking basic stuff. the san francisco county sheriff ross mirkarimi listed all that went wrong in the search for lynne spalding. first hospital staff identified her as african-american. logs later listed the 57-year- old caucasian woman as asian. the doctor told
-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ glitches. but paper applications aren't faring y better. house meetings >>> technology experts are rushing to fix the obama care website glitches. but paper applications aren't faring any better. new notes reveal all applications eventually go through the website. people were told to fill them out to feel like they were making progress. a an outside consultant warned the white house three years ago, that people in charge of the website didn't have the expertise to pull it off. >> when you don't have the right people, and you don't have the right system, something goes wrong. >> the website is being shut down for four hours every night for repairs, and obama care may be coming to your favorite tv show. a foundation supporting the law provided a $500,000 grant to inform tv writer and producers. the hope is that they'll weave obamacare plot lines into popular shows. >>> you know the saying, it's cold and flu season. well it is
at this point they don't need help, but may later on. >>> a south bay couple just wanted to find a new home for their puppy, but it turned into an experience when the potential buyer demanded their car with a gun. it all got started with an ad on ebay. >>reporter: they were haggling over the price. as they were, he turned into a monster, they say. the nine-year-old pup had been advertised for $700. the couple selling the dog agreed to meet the suspect later identified as 38-year-old juan carlos chavez at the shopping center at about 11:30 at night. the couple agreed to let the suspect hold the dog when he allegedly brandished a handgun and tried to car jack their vehicle and steal their dog. >> they were thinking they were going to sell this puppy, and that was the whole idea. then you're presented with a perspective buyer who presents the gun and takes the pup and in turn tries to steal your vehicle at gunpoint. nobody was injured and they were able to get away safely, but unfortunately the suspect got away as well. >>reporter: police are looking at surveillance video from nearby shopping
off on that peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we have to make that loaf of bread last? you don't want to tell these kids that. >> things could get worse. the republican-controlled house just passed a bill that would cut benefits by $40 billion over the next 10 years. there is a similar proposal in the democrat-controlled senate. >>> a warning tonight about a common scam that's targeting people in the bay area. we warned you about it before but julie watts on the consumerwatch explains, crooks are coming up with new ways to pull it off. >> reporter: bill was caught off guard by the call. >> they said hi, congratulations, you won this publishers clearinghouse 1.5 million. >> reporter: but he immediately realized there was nothing to celebrate when the caller told him he would need to buy a money card to claim his prize. >> i said, you know, this is, dude, this is a scam. i know it's a scam. >> reporter: and the scam is thriving. >> it's another easy way for people to get your money. >> reporter: laurie wilson. better business bureau says crooks are calling and texting saying anything a
stores don't open until 6 a.m. >> did they sell anything? look at the empty shelves! many people took advantage of the deals on the iphones and the ipads. >>> on black friday there were protests around the country accusing walmart of having a black heart. even santa claus got arrested at one of them. linda yee is in san leandro to explain what the fuss was all about. >> reporter: this wasn't the black friday that walmart officials envisioned but these protestors say they have to call attention to who they call our underpaid workers while the company reaps millions in sales. [ chanting ] >> reporter: several dozen demonstrators protested. some were walmart workers, many supporters who work at other minimum wage jobs. they are accusing the retail giant of paying what they call poverty wages. walmart employee derek sanders says he needs two jobs to survive. most workers he says barely make over the minimum wage of $8 an hour. >> we are trying to bring awareness to the customers and management as well to let them know that the pay is really low and it's hard to make a living in californi
the sweater reads there don we now our "fun" apparel intend of "gay "apparel. outraged customers have blasted the company on social media. hallmark said it's rather surprised by the backlash and has no plans to change or stop selling that ornament. >>> everyone is getting geared up for fun. >> couldn't be better for trick or treating. it's just perfect. late october can be so many things except for perfect and we're just kind of having excellent weather to get outside . i gorgeousa gorgeous sunset. we are showing the sun just about to set behind the financial district. temperatures outside if you are getting ready to go trick or treating the young ones may be out early, santa rosa 73 degrees. get any better than that? in the city 67. oakland san jose 70. concord 72. let me show you this time lapse from squaw valley. a foot of snowfall from a few days ago are melting but there will be more snow the next week. you want to know where the low pressure is that gave us wind and snow in the sierra? it is in texas. i have video to show you from texas. a major flooding there. some parts of texas recei
. that's when he will be represented by a private attorney. now, we typically don't identify suspects under the age of 18. but because a d.a. has released his name and also charged them as an adult, allen, we are identifying him, as well. >> all right, da lin in oakland, thank you. >>> legal experts say that if he is convicted, that hate crime enhancement would add as many as three years to richard thomas' prison term. >>> one of bart's unions wants a criminal investigation to last month's accident that killed two workers. kpix 5's mark kelly on charges that bart's safety rules have no teeth. >> reporter: for four hours, state legislators heard testimony from bart unions and management. the goal, understand why on october 19, bart's staff christopher shepherd and contractor lawrence daniels lost their lives hit by a bart train in walnut creek. the unions point the finger at bart's culture saying trains running on time not safety is the top priority. >> we wanted safety to be addressed one of our sticking points. >> safety has always been our top priority. >> reporter: bart workers sha
daughter said, mum, that was an earthquake. oh, my goodness. the last thing i expected. we don't have those in new orleans. >> reporter: the 3.4 magnitude quake hit at about 9:30 this morning and was centered inside the crow canyon country club. there were no reports of damage, but it was the sixth in a series of small quakes to hit the san ramon area since friday. john sanders felt the pounding of yesterday's 2.9 quake while stopped in his car. it was centered near canyon lakes drive and bollinger canyon lane. >> i thought the guy behind me hit my car, tapped into me. but he didn't. and i said, what was that? then i found out later it was the earthquake. >> what has occurred so far really is nothing unusual. >> reporter: the usgs says the danville san ramon corridor is one of the most seismically active parts of the bay area. it's along the calaveras fault and many smaller faults branch out around it. >> san ramon is right over here. and you can see the san ramon valley is filled up with earthquake epicenters. >> reporter: dr. david schwartz says it's too soon to call it a swarm and there'
and then the video is over. we still don't know if dj williams heard police order him off the sidewalk. since this is private property back here, we really don't know if the no bikes on sidewalks rules still apply. we know dj williams and one other man are still in custody for that fight with police. live in san francisco, brian webb, kpix 5. >> a group of residents plans a protest march tomorrow. >>> new at 5:00 oakland fire crews recover the body of a crane operator who died after an incident at the oakland inner harbor. firefighters were called to the area near the schnitzer steel company this afternoon after coworkers reported that the man was unresponsive. we are still checking conflicting reports of a medical emergency or that he was involved in an industrial incident. the crane operator was aboard a ship at the oakland inner harbor. >>> about an hour ago the alameda county coroner confirmed one of the two victims in a deadly crash in oakland early this morning was a former oakland raiders linebacker. 30-year-old thomas howard was killed just before 1 a.m. he was on northbound 880 near
in. for this set don't reports from tacloban. >> reporter: the aid operation is a 24-hour-a-day effort now here in tacloban as operating lights are allowing planes to land at night. in communities we are seeing the aid trickle in. we are' seeing people line up for food. but in many plays, they say, well, food aid is certainly not gotten to my street yet. people are fending for themselves. you see people cutting water lines to get some sort of drinking water when you ask whether it's safe to drink, they ask us, well, what are the on the grounds? we have seen power crews out trying to -- what are the options? we have seen power crews out trying to clean the debris. aid is coming in but when will there be enough power, enough food, enough water, is the question. seth doan, cbs news, tacloban, philippines. >> not only are the donations critical to get the supplies to people. a group of nurses is departing sfo in just a few hours to try to take care of some of those victims of typhoon haiyan. that's where we find kpix 5's betty yu standing by at the airport. betty, how many of
. that sit. and we are don't look at the sky. completely clear. cloudy this morning, but that front has moved out. high pressure moving in from mount vaca. we are clear, looking west toward the golden gate from the beautiful transamerica pyramid. there is a log jam currently in the upper 60s. everybody is there. san jose 66. concord 66. livermore 68. 67 in the city. 69degrees for both oakland and santa rosa. the radar is clear within hundred miles. that front kind of wimped out. all the moisture stayed up north. this is shasta lake where it should be for the time of year. back in march we were above normal. in may it started cropping. by july, it drop more. september it dropped more and now we're sitting at 62% what is normal for this time of year. so we have dropped relative to average. 43% this year. i want to talk about the draught we will talk about rain chances and much more on twitter wednesday, tomorrow night between 7:00 and 8:00 i will be answering any of your questions. head to my twitter page at paul deanno kpix tomorrow beginning at 7:00. there goes the front pushing off east. som
to remind us how much more we need. >> just don't think we are going to get enough rainfall out of this particular storm to make much of a difference. the vast majority of the water that's falling from the sky right now is going to soak right into the ground. >> reporter: unlike many bay area water districts that rely on the sierra snowpack for their water supply, the sonoma county water district's reservoirs are filled up by rainfall runoff. and this storm isn't doing much. soil moisture in the ukiah area is at a 100 year low and we need about 8" of rain to start triggering runoff. >> well, it will flow into our river, which is where we get our water from, as well as into the reservoirs, where we'll store that water and save it for next year. >> reporter: it's also the case with marin municipal water district. heading into today's storm, the reservoirs were 95% average capacity. the district averages nearly 7" of rain by in time each year and before today, had recorded a little more than an inch. >> we really are dependent on rainfall. we get 75% of our water from our own reser
condition but they don't know if he's received them. >>> they say it is a simple way to tell if you're at risk for a deadly disease. >> we want you to have the best information about what your dna means for you. >>> now the feds are cracking down. the serious concerns about a bay area company's $99 dna test. >>> you were breathe ited to. pretty bad air quality, especially in the north bay. tomorrow, hazy skies. spare the air day for thursday, especially in the north -- tuesday, especially in the north day. we will talk about when rain returns, coming up. >>> 21 minutes away between the kickoff between 49ers and redskins on kpix 5. what it will take for san francisco to come out on top. join us from the nation's capital, coming up. on friday. now u-s regulators have ordered its y company - >>> we first told you about this popular do-it-yourself dna test on friday. now the company is ordered to stop selling it. in its sharply worded warning, it comes from a very fed up fda. >> 23 and it seems to me a privately owned personal by you tech company located in the heart of silicon valley t
when you have your kids at school you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: police couldn't find the second suspect. they cleared the scene and reopened the streets around 2:30 this afternoon. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> now, while police were searching for the robbery suspects, the police chief and the mayor were at an event nearby trying to raise money for a gun buy-back program. >>> a burglary suspect went to a lot of trouble for very little payoff at emeryville. police say 42-year-old michael shea broke into an estate auction business at around 6 a.m. looking for jewelry. he didn't realize he made off with costume jewelry worth about $30. while taking off from police, he slammed into a patrol car and ran on foot, climbing on to the roof of a home and a school. that's where police caught him. the officer was not hurt in the crash. >>> sean penn's meltdown at a bay area hotel. >> i'll make you eat this. [ censored ] >> how he flipped out on a fan who tried to take his picture. >> an astronaut, tv legend and former president. the special honor bringing them togethe
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